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Charles Stuart

Brigham and Women's Hospital, 75 Francis St., Roxbury
Sheraton-Tara Hotel, Braintree
Tobin Bridge, northbound side

On Oct. 23, 1989, Charles and Carol Stuart left childbirth classes at the hospital. Moments later, Charles Stuart called police on his cellphone to report he and his wife had just been shot. Carol Stuart died that night - their son 17 days later. Charles Stuart told police a black man had shot them. The police promptly began a manhunt in the largely black Roxbury neighborhood that the Irishman picked up in the Parkman case would have understood only too well.

As the Boston Globe put it at the time: "Two weeks ago, Carol and Charles Stuart were merely expectant parents. Then their relatively anonymous, happy lives came to an end on a dark side street in Boston's Mission Hill neighborhood. An assailant robbed them of their jewelry and money, then pumped a few slugs into their bodies."

Only it turned out that while they might have been anonymous, they were not happy. Charles Stuart was having an affair and had money problems. No black man had come near them - Charles Stuart shot his wife, then himself. On Jan. 3, 1990, with police increasingly suspicious of him, Stuart checked into the Sheraton-Tara Hotel in Braintree. The next day, he drove to the Tobin bridge, stopped his car mid-span and did what is now known as ''pulling a Chuck.''



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