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  • Berlin: BER-lin.
  • Billerica: Bill-ricka or B'ricka
  • Cochituate: Co-CHIH-chew-it
  • Concord: CON-cud
  • Leicester: Lestuh
  • Leominster: Lemon-stuh
  • Norfolk: Norfork, Nor-F'K or Nor-folk
  • Peabody: Pea-B'dee
  • Quincy: QUIN-zee
  • Waltham: Wall-tham
  • Woburn: WU-bin
  • Worcester: Wuhstah

SCORING: 11-12: Native (special bonus if you pronounce Worcester as Wihstah). 7-10: Resident alien. 1-6: New TV reporter from out of state.

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