Advertising on the best Boston sites on the planet

Boston Online, Universal Hub and the Boston Blogs Network let you reach people who really, really care about Boston. If you have a Boston-based service or product, there's no better medium to reach people who live and buy locally.

Boston Online is one of the oldest Web sites in Massachusetts. Founded in 1994 by Adam Gaffin and Software Tool & Die, its resource directories and "Wicked Good" guides attract visitors, people relocating to the Boston area and long-time residents, with a roughly 50/50 split between visitors and locals.

Universal Hub is hard-core Boston - it's a community news and information site written by and for Bostonians, featuring a daily blend of breaking local news and comment you won't see in the daily papers. People "westa Wuhstuh" won't get all the jokes and references (for example, the name, which is a play on Boston's Hub of the Universe nickname), but that means its loyal readers really, really care about Boston.

The Boston Blogs Network extends this through a series of Boston-area Weblogs (24 and growing) selected for the quality of their writing and their devotion to Boston issues - from arts to politics and sports.

Visitor numbers

Boston Online: 175,000 page views per month; 90,000 unique visitors.

Universal Hub: 280,000 page views, 60,000 unique visitors (note: there is some overlap between the unique-visitor numbers for the two sites).

Boston Blogs Ad Network: 600,000 page views, 130,000 unique visitors (note: there is overlap between these numbers and the above).

Available ad units and rates

Leaderboards (768x90): Available on Boston Online, Universal Hub and the Boston Blogs Ad Network. $5 CPM ($4.50 CPM with committment of 100,000 or more impressions). Format: GIF, JPG or Flash.

Rectangular (300x250): Available on Boston Online. Format: GIF, JPG or Flash. $5 CPM.

Medallions (125x125 or 160): Available on Boston Online and Universal Hub. Format: GIF or JPG. $100/month.

Text ads (linked title and up to 128 characters of text): Available on Boston Blogs Ad Network. 40 cents/click; optional small header graphic $15/month. NOTE: We can arrange exclusive "ownership" of the text-ad areas on member sites, including graphical elements. Minimum month-long committment required. Contact us for more information.

We can provide a central log-in for impression and clickthrough statistics at no charge.

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