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Abandoned subway photos

Photos of abandoned tracks and parts of stations on the Green Line.
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Inter-city rail service.

Amtrak reservations

Reserve a seat online.

Arborway Line Restoration

Web site for an MBTA citizens advisory committee looking at restoring trolley service from South Huntington Avenue to Forest Hills.

B-Line All Stars RSS feed

"Same shitty service. Just quadruple the price. Fuck the MBTA."

Boston Transit: The MBTA

More than 400 photos of MBTA trains.

Charlie on the MTA

"I have long enjoyed listening to 'The M.T.A. Song', better known as 'Charlie on the M.T.A'. In recent years, I have learned a great deal about the song and about the M.T.A (now M.B.T.A) itself, and would like to share this information here."


"Blogging the MBTA."


"A passenger's guide to Downeast travel" on the Amtrak line between Boston and Portland, Maine. Includes profiles of regular riders, engineers, conductors and cafe attendants, along with news about the line.

End of the Line: MBTA Rants RSS feed

"A Bostonian's experience with riding public transportation, aka the 'T.' "
East Cambridge

Gallery of the Absurd

Descriptions and photos of things on MBTA transit lines and buses that just make no sense.

H Obsessed RSS feed

"Random musings on life and life in Boston ... plus usually at least some commentary on things observed on the T."

Mattapan High-Speed Line

Photos of Boston's old-style trolley line.


Subways, buses, commuter rail, ferries.
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MBTA Forum

A place to talk about the T - its history and operation.
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MBTA Forum

"Join us in a discussion of the MBTA - buses, trains, boats and everything else!"

MBTA Railfan Page

Photos, history and tips on exploring and photographing T trains and stations.

Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance RSS feed

Group promoting - and monitoring - the MBTA's planned extension of the Green Line through Somerville and Medford.

Mucho Bad Transit Attitude

"Commentary, photos and sad humor on the USA's most inept mass transit system."

New England Transportation Site

History and photos of subway, trolley and rail lines in New England.
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Remnants of Abandoned Stations, Tunnels, and Station Entrances found on the MBTA

Descriptions and photos.

Shawmut Station Restoration Project

Details efforts to upgrade this Red Line stop.

Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership

"STEP is a community group fighting for improved transportation in Somerville. Read background information on the issues, or check out the latest news in getting the Green Line and Orange Line into Somerville."

Starts and Stops Blog RSS feed

Globe transportation writer Mac Daniels's Weblog.

Stops and Spots RSS feed

Stops & Spots is a video project focusing on music performers at the city's T stops. Each video highlights a different artist at subway stations across Boston and Cambridge.

Street Arts and Buskers Advocates

Group fighting for the continued right of musicians to perform on the T: "Celebrating self-expression as a basic human right essential for the healthy growth of youth, individuals and communities."

Subway colors

An explanation of why each of the lines is named the way it is.

Subway Navigator

Enter two stations and see how long it'll take to get from one to the other - and where you'll have to change trains.

T posts

The latest posts from Boston-area bloggers on T commuting: good, bad and ugly.

Tales From The Commute RSS feed

"Daily gripes, observations and musings from my MBTA commute."

Toll Talk RSS feed

Turnpike and state government matters.

Train Stopping RSS feed

"Commuting from Central Massachusetts to Boston on the Commuter Rail line can be a frustrating experience. Commuter rail service on the Worcester-Framingham-Boston line has been drastically deteriorating over the past year. This blog looks to inform, educate and inspire the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' elected officials, the MBTA, the MBCR and CSX to restore dependable commuter rail service to the residents of Central Massachusetts."

Wicked Good Guide: Boston Subway Stories

The weird, the gross and the unusual on the T.

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