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101 Reasons to Love the Red Sox

This revised and updated version of 101 Reasons to Love the Red Sox is filled with reasons to celebrate Boston's best-loved team: the 2004 World Series championship, the beloved B, five World Series titles before 1919, Yawky Way, the legendary Ted Williams, Royal Rooters, the "Impossible Dream" season, Cy Young, and Big Papi. Vintage and modern photos, baseball cards, memorable stories, and sports trivia provide a portrait of the Red Sox from their very beginning to the present. The heart of the players and fans combined with the Red Sox' storied past truly make Fenway Park a field of dreams.

2004 Red Sox World Series Official DVD

Relive the Red Sox victory over the Cardinals over and over and over and over and over again with this official MLB DVD. The World Series DVD is more than 80 minutes of pure, inside baseball action. This program includes the spectacular, exclusive high definition imagery captured by Major League Baseball Productions crews, exclusive behind the scenes access and interviews, and all of the history making moments fans remember from television coverage.

A Day of Light and Shadows: One Die-Hard Red Sox Fan and His Game of a Lifetime: The Boston-New York

DESTINY 5 - RED SOX 4 declared one Boston headline after Bucky Dent's unlikely home run had cost the Red Sox the dramatic 1978 playoff game at Fenway Park against the Yankees for the Eastern Division title of the American League. No one has commented more eloquently and openly on destiny's victories over the Sox and their devoted fans through the years than writer and New York radio personality Jonathan Schwartz, who left his heart in Fenway at an early age. Schwartz's stirring and unusually intimate account of the beauty and heartbreak of that resplendent day in '78 appeared in Sports Illustrated in 1979.

A Game at Fenway Park

Create a personalized story for a child about a visit to the park. Type in some info (his or her name, opposing team, etc.) and the system generates a story, complete with drawings. You can buy a book version for $10.95.

A Tale of Two Cities: The 2004 Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry and the War for the Pennant

"Longtime baseball writers Tony Massarotti and John Harper tell the tale of two cities in the truest spirit of the rivalry - shouting at each other from opposite sides of press box: Massarotti from Boston, Harper from New York. Each has deep baseball roots and viewpoints shaped by a lifetime of living on opposite sides of the endless debates - or raging arguments - between Boston and Big Apple sports fans."

Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox

Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox is the first complete account of Bostonís last championship. Though the year is famous, fans and even baseball historians know very little about the events of the season. Even the most knowledgeable baseball fan will find one revelation shocking: Wood has uncovered the possibility that the 1918 World Series may have been fixed, much like the notorious 1919 "Chicago Black Sox" scandal.

Believe It!

The Boston Globe's 2004 World Series Championship celebration season. The columnists, writers, editors and photographers who witnessed first hand the private moments and momentous events that led to one of the most historic and unforegettable chamionship drives in the history of sport. Believe It! is the 128-page hardbound version with additional supplements about the season that no true Red Sox should be without.

Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits

"Big hits, walk-off homers and how I became a champion."

Boston Red Sox: 2004 World Series Champions

The book tells the complete story of the Red Sox' winning season through articles, columns, and photos that first appeared in the pages of the Boston Herald.

Curse Reversed: The 2004 Boston Red Sox

This Sporting News commemorative book contains: Team History: Editorial and exclusive photos from our archives provide the reader with a one-of- a-kind history and highlights of the long wait for this World Series win.

Faith Rewarded

This is the DVD you want. NESN covers the entire 2004 Red Sox season (not just the World Series): This review of the historic 2004 season takes you on the long, improbable journey from Spring training to the victory parade through the streets of Boston and floating down the Charles River. Relive the unprecedented comeback against the NY Yankees in the ALCS and the convincing World Series win over St.Louis.


Two Sox fans chronicle the 2004 season. And one of them is Stephen King. Hardcover edition.

Fenway: A Biography in Words and Pictures

Dan Shaughnessey's paean to one of the last of the old-time ballparks.

Fever Pitch

Sure, it stars Jimmy Fallon, but come on, how many other romantic comedies are there that feature actual footage from the 2004 World Series season? Plus all the other extra stuff you'd expect on a DVD, like commentary from the Farrelly brothers.

Few and Chosen: Defining Red Sox Greatness Across the Eras

By Johnny Pesky and Phil Pepe: The Red Sox's famous drive for the biggest names in the game in the offseason after the 2003 season was so big because of the history the Red Sox possess. For the first time ever a Boston icon ranks the five best players at each position to ever take the field. The Rocket or Pedro? Teddy Ballgame or Yaz? Find out who tops who and why.


Finally is the 112-page paperback edition filled with stunning photographers and recaps of every key moment throughout the Red Sox's season - especially detailed coverage of Boston's historic rebound from 0-3 to beat the New York Yankees in the ALCS. Hundreds of color photos.

Idiot-Syncrasies: How The Red Sox Were Smart Enough To Win The World Series

Written by popular Remy Report columnist A. Knoefel Longest, presents the passion, peculiarities, and personalities that make this the most unlikely team in baseball history to win the World Series.

Idiot: Beating "The Curse" and Enjoying the Game of Life

Johnny Damon is beginning his eleventh year playing Major League baseball. A feared contact hitter and base stealer, Damon is only one of four players in baseball history to drive in more than 90 runs from the leadoff position. He lives with his wife, Michelle, in Central Florida and has a twin boy and girl.

Mind Game

Mind Game explains why the unenlightened Twins gave up on David Ortiz; what led the Sox to understand Johnny Damonís true value and give him the ideal place in the batting order; how Boston actually gained by having Keith Foulke as a closer vs. Mariano Rivera; and what would likely have happened if the BostonĖA-Rod trade went through. (Hint: even worse for the Yankees.) And as the suspense ratchets up before the historic seven-game AL playoff, readers will never look at baseball the same way again, learning that leadoff hitters donít need to be fast and RBIs are not the rocksolid barometer of an offensive playerís contribution. And all that stealing and bunting? Forget it! Just wait for a three-run homer.

Mr. Red Sox: The Johnny Pesky Story

The story of the longtime Red Sox player, coach and ambassador.

Now I Can Die in Peace

How ESPN's Sports Guy Found Salvation, with a Little Help from Nomar, Pedro, Shawshank, and the 2004 Red Sox. Bill Simmons decided to look back at his Sports Guy columns for the last five years to find out how the miracle came to pass. And that's where the trouble began. Why didn't he see it coming? Why didn't it happen sooner? What was the key deal, the lucky move, the funny bounce, the sign from above that he failed to spot? Pretty soon, The Sports Guy was second-guessing himself, rewriting history, sniping at his own past predictions, pounding the table -- that's what sports guys do, right? And doing so, he let himself get sidetracked by the suffering of the Boston Bruins, frustrated by the false promise of the Celtics -- and driven into a state of ecstasy by the dynastic New England Patriots.

Red Sox 2004 World Series Collector's Edition

35 hours on 12 DVDs. Unedited original broadcasts of all seven ALCS games against the New York Yankees and all four World Series games against the St. Louis Cardinals. Plus: Schilling speaks with fans; Celebrity fans on the big win; Arroyo: pitcher by day, musician by night; ALCS game 7 post-game celebration; ALCS game 4: Millar makes a prediction; Francona takes over; Best of Ortiz wireless; ALCS game 1: Timlin and Embree wireless; Millar speaks with Dan Shaughnessy; Damon shaves beard!; Red Sox visit the White House; World Series locker room celebration; 2005 ring and banner ceremony; Inning selection.

Red Sox Century

Drawn from countless interviews and tireless research and illustrated with more than two hundred photographs, many never seen before, RED SOX CENTURY is far more than a picture book. Glenn Stout and Richard A. Johnson have written a gripping narrative history, filled with details so vivid and accurate and irony so sharp that you think you can't possibly bear to relive some of those past moments (but you're a Sox fan, so of course you do). Your season ticket to one hundred years of thrilling baseball, Red Sox Century is a comprehensive and always colorful history of a team that helped to define not only its city but its sport.
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Red Sox vs. Yankees: The Great Rivalry

Red Sox vs. Yankees: The Great Rivalry covers nearly a century's worth of epic battles on and off the baseball field between these age-old rivals. Featuring exclusive interviews with former governors Mario Cuomo of New York and Michael Dukakis of assachusetts, former press secretary Ari Fleischer, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, congressmen, reporters, broadcasters, and especially players, coaches, managers and front-office execs from the Red Sox and Yankees including Don Zimmer, Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Lowe, Jason and Jeremy Giambi, Lou Merloni, Dwight Evans and Theo Epstein.


Baseball, murder, and the Boston Red Sox team sets the story in this dark comedy/mystery novel (now in paperback) about a serial killer associated with the Sox. Dave Farrell, who was a writer (on a few Pulitzer-prize winning teams) for the LA Times. He just retired from the newspaper, writing novels full-time.

So Good!

Nearly a century without a World Series championship and now two in four years?! This Red Sox squad is summed up by the title of the Boston Globe's official keepsake of the championship season: So Good!

Summer of '49

David Halberstam's New York Times bestselling classic chronicle of baseball's most magnificent season, as seen through the battle royale between Joe DiMaggio's Yankees and Ted Williams's Red Sox for the heart of a nation. With incredible skill, passion, and insight, Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Halberstam returns us to the miraculous summer of '49 ... and to a glorious time when the dreams of a now almost forgotten America rested on the crack of a bat.

Ted William: My Life in Pictures

To many fans, Hall of Famer Ted Williams is baseball. The Boston Red Sox left-fielder dominated the game in the 1940s, achieving astounding hitting records, including 521 home runs and a career .344 batting average; he was also the last player to bat .400 in a season. As good as he was, many wonder what the Splendid Splinter could have been if he hadnít missed five years of the game serving as a pilot in World War II and Korea and two seasons due to injuries. In addition to hundreds of photographs, this attractive volume includes Williamsís candid words about his life on the field and off, a firsthand account that will certainly become a collectorís item for all baseball fans.

Ted Williams: The Biography of an American Hero

By Leigh Montville:

He was The Kid. The Splendid Splinter. Teddy Ballgame. One of the greatest figures of his generation, and arguably the greatest baseball hitter of all time. But what made Ted Williams a legend - and a lightning rod for controversy in life and in death? What motivated him to interrupt his Hall of Fame career twice to serve his country as a fighter pilot; to embrace his fans while tangling with the media; to retreat from the limelight whenever possible into his solitary love of fishing; and to become the most famous man ever to have his body cryogenically frozen after his death? New York Times bestselling author Leigh Montville, who wrote the celebrated Sports Illustrated obituary of Ted Williams, now delivers an intimate, riveting account of this extraordinary life.

The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games

Imagine if you could see all these classic games. read about them, instead.

The Babe in Red Stockings

Book: An In-Depth Chronicle of Babe Ruth With the Boston Red Sox, 1914-1919.

The Curse of the Bambino

Book: Dan Shaughnessy's take on the star-crossed Red Sox.

The Little Red (Sox) Book: A Revisionist Red Sox History

What if Joe Kennedy had bought the Red Sox instead of Harry Frazee - and hadn't traded away Babe Ruth? And what if the Sox had signed Jackie Robinson when they'd had the chance? Bill "Spaceman" Lee and Jim Prime imagine an alternative Sox history.

The Long Ball: The Summer of '75--Spaceman, Catfish, Charlie Hustle, and the Greatest World Series E

Adelman opens his story of this epochal summer with the dramatic preseason showdown between owners and players that catalyzed free agency, increased player salaries, and launched an age when baseball would be less about the game and more about "the green." THE LONG BALL then tells the dramatic story of the star-studded season that followed and the heart-stopping series itself. With unforgettable portraits of some of baseball's most colorful characters, this is an affecting look at baseball's last great days--all of it leading up to a magical home run that wins a game for a losing team and leaves the bat with the thump of a heartbeat.

The Teammates

David Halberstam, the bestselling author of the baseball classic Summer of '49, has followed the members of the 1949 championship Boston Red Sox team for years, especially Williams, Doerr, DiMaggio, and Pesky. In this extremely moving book, Halberstam reveals how these four teammates became friends, and how that friendship thrived for more than 60 years.

The book opens with Pesky and DiMaggio travelling to see the ailing Ted Williams in Florida. It's the last time they will see him. The journey is filled with nostalgia and memories, but seeing Ted is a shock. The most physically dominating of the four friends, Ted now weighs only 130 pounds and is hunched over in a wheelchair. Dom, without even thinking about it, starts to sing opera and old songs like "Me and My Shadow" to his friend. ...

The Year the Red Sox Won the Series

Book: 1918. A year seared into every Sox fan's brain.

Watching Baseball: Discovering the Game within the Game

In 1988, Jerry Remy began his work as an announcer, working color commentary for Red Sox broadcasts on NESN, which is a basic cable channel throughout New England and available by satellite across the country. He covers more than 150 games per season for NESN and broadcast television, plus regular assignments on the national Fox Game of the Week. But the best part of Jerry Remy is his easy style: listeners feel like they're having a beer with a friend while they're watching the game.

If spectators just follow the ball, they are missing much of the game. Baseball is a lot more complex than that. Everyone talks about second-guessing the manager; and there's a lot of fun in that for everyone except the manager. Those opinions can be heard all day on the sports talk shows and read in the newspaper columns. But if the people are really going to get into the game, they need to start first-guessing. That's what this book is all about.

Why Not Us?

The 86-year Journey of the Boston Red Sox Fans From Unparalleled Suffering To The Promised Land Of the 2004 World Series. By Leigh Montville.

Zachary's Ball

When his father takes him to his first baseball game, Zachary is amazed by the sights and sounds of Fenway Park. When his father catches a foul ball and gives it to Zachary, something amazing happens - Zachary finds himself playing for the Red Sox.

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