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Barnd, Jeff

Channel 56 anchorman.

Barnicle, Mike

Commentator, WCVB-TV's "Chronicle," disgraced ex-Globe columnist.

Belichick, Bill

Patriots coach.

Bernie and Phyl

Owners of local furniture chain with annoying commercials.

Boch, Ernie

"Come on down!"

Child, Julia

Food TV star, writer.

Dukakis, Michael

Former governor.

Finneran, Thomas

State rep. from Mattapan; speaker of the house.

Gordon, Dick

Host of "The Connection" on WBUR.

Hausle, Dan

Channel 7 general-assignment reporter.

Hynes, Jack

Channel 56 weekend anchorman.

Keller, Jon

WLVI-TV commentator, Boston Magazine columnist and blowhard.

Lydon, Christopher

Former host of "The Connection" on WBUR.

Magliozzi, Ray

Co-host of "Car Talk" on NPR.

Magliozzi, Tom

Co-host of "Car Talk" on NPR.

McNeeley, Peter

Boston boxer.

Mehegan, Peter

Co-host, WCVB-TV's "Chronicle."

Menino, Tom


O'Neill, Tip

Former Speaker of the House from Cambridge.

Oakes, Bob

Local host of "Morning Edition" on WBUR.

Pierce, Paul

Celtics forward.

Richardson, Mary

Co-host, WCVB-TV's "Chronicle."

Siegel, Matty

WXKS morning DJ.

Swift, Jane

Acting Governor.

The Chessmaster

One of Harvard Square's institutions.

Young, Robin

Former TV personality, current co-host of "Here and Now" on WBUR.

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