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TheyWillHateUs  new

We're dedicated to finding and bringing to life music in old hymnals - adding our own unique sound and interpretation to them. Adela and Jude perform on all acoustic period instruments to recreate the sounds of revivalist meetings of the turn of the century.

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Boston Skeptic  new RSS feed

Humor/satire - 800 word pieces published every Wednesday and every other Sunday by a Boston lawyer who, like many, has struggled to find steady employment in this economy and who has found writing keeps his brain working in spite of his professional doldrums. Topics cover a bit of everything: dog ownership, politics, current events, job hunting,temporary employment etc.

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One Man's View...  new RSS feed

A photo blog devoted to the day to day scenes in and around Boston with commentary on the subject of the day. Features many sunrise shots from Winthrop.

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Ahola Photography  new

Based in Boston Massachusetts, Karen Ahola specializes in creative food and product photography for advertising, editorial, marketing materials, retail packaging, menus, cookbooks, web sites and more.
South Boston

Kelly Upson Food Stylist  new

Providing food styling services for photographers both locally and nationally.

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East Boston  new RSS feed

As my camera sees it.
East Boston

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10thirty  new RSS feed

The food I eat, the books I read + the places I go.