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10thirty  new RSS feed

The food I eat, the books I read + the places I go.

artSPACE@16 RSS feed

"Interviews, exhibitions and art collaborative archives."

Big Screen Boston RSS feed

"Blog accompanying the book Big Screen Boston: From Mystery Street to The Departed and Beyond, by Paul Sherman--the first book about the 250 movies made in and around Greater Boston. [The book is out May 1, 2008.]"

Driving To Work RSS feed

"Just one man's daily report from the world of morning commuting in Boston."

Ken Savage House of Technology RSS feed

"My name is Ken Savage. I write about Technology, Music, TV, Movies, Family and Friends. I'll be updating it with news posts, pictures of Jake and my wife Erin and anything else goin on in our lives."

Media-Crity RSS feed

"A personal blog where I detail, among other things, my life as a 20-something in Boston."

Short Stories, Long Odds RSS feed

"I was born in Michigan, and I moved to Texas. I used to be a totally awesome drummer, I mean, I kicked ass; then I had all sorts of arm problems, which is fine because I wanted to start composing anyways. I'm married and I have three cats."

Tell Him Fred RSS feed

"A personal blog by Nathan Burke, Malden resident, webmaster, and dog owner."

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