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Blogs and Feeds RSS feed

"This blog shares my view of where marketing is headed as blogs and RSS/XML feeds continue to evolve. I invite you to join the discourse."


"I am 46, divorced, mother of two, Republican. I was born and raised in Boston and can not conceive of living anywhere else. I think Brian Lamb of CSpan is the sexiest man on TV. If you want my attention, you have to be aggressive and smart and you have to feed my head."

Charlestown Culinary RSS feed

"Chronicle of everything food from Charlestown, Massachusetts.:

Good News. Cold pizza for breakfast RSS feed


Mashed potatoes dot com RSS feed

"A blog for people with relatively short attention spans and little to no hobbies or interests. (humor)"

My Charlestown RSS feed

"A Go-To Site for 02129, A Neighborhood of Boston."

Nealmeister RSS feed

"I'm a Charlestown Kid born and bred surviving law school in Boston via Notre Dame, Indiana."

What Ralph Knows RSS feed

"I am fanatical about information and information technology. I have worked in this business for my entire career as a consultant, manager, and as president of my own company. I have a degree in information science from Simmons College in Boston. I find problems of finding, presenting, and applying informaton endlessly fascinating. ..."

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