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AmpersandDot RSS feed

"A Boston based scial media consultant's view on web, tech, social networking, startups, and IT trends. All with a more-than-healthy amount of skepticism."
Beacon Hill

An Ozzie in Boston RSS feed

"An Ozzie in Boston has lots of information on relocation from Australia to Boston, information on Coding work that I do, and general goings on in Boston, from an Australian's perspective."
Beacon Hill

Beacon Broadside RSS feed

"Beacon Broadside is the blog of Beacon Press, a Boston institution for over 150 years. The blog features posts from Beacon authors, staff, and friends of the press, and includes on occasion posts about Boston history."
Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Wine & Spirit's Tasting Forum

"An area to review tasting notes, share tasting notes, and ask questions!"
Beacon Hill

Boston Real Estate Blog RSS feed

"A blog about the Boston real estate market, primarily focused on the condo sales market in the downtown area - the South End, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and South Boston neighborhoods. Includes new listings, recent sales data, and the latest on projects under construction."
South End, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South Boston

Down and Out in Beacon Hill RSS feed

This is the true story of Megan Johnson, a twenty-something writer in downtown Boston. She is a contributor to the Boston Menupages, Butterfly Diary, Reinventing Beauty Magazine, Sweettalk on the Spot, and other publications. Her life is simultaneously embarassing and massively entertaining. She has a weak spot for 80's sitcoms, thug life, and youtube videos that feature people falling down. Hilarity ensues.
Beacon Hill

From the Desk of Socks, the White House RSS feed

"A 1994 graduate of Norwich (Conn.) Free Academy and a 1997 graduate from Boston Univeristy, I live in Boston and work in Waltham, Mass."
Beacon Hill

Heather Martin Reporting News RSS feed

"Just talking about what I feel like talking about."
Beacon Hill

Hub Blog RSS feed

"A blog about Boston and the universe for which it serves as the Hub. The site is written by a Boston journalist."
Beacon Hill

Library Despot 3.0 RSS feed

"Talking about life as a new academic librarian, living in Boston, with tastes of tech, trek, and the little things life throws at you."
Beacon Hill

Lindy Hoppin' Linus

"I'm a swing dancer and I love Boston, though I'm a proud Minnesotan by birth. (And it's 'pop' people, 'soda' is for baking!) A perfect day for me would be a morning of pancakes, an afternoon spent on the Common, and an evening of dancing with my Boston swing scene."

Maynard Clark's Vegetarian and Boston Blog

"I discuss vegetarian (and vegan) topics, Boston, and intellectual curiosities that even my professional and Harvard colleagues would enjoy. But go vegan!"
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Pink Slip RSS feed

"Pink Slip is commentary on business, the economy, and my career in failed Boston-area high tech companies. It has a frequent (but by no means 100% focus) on Boston."
Beacon Hill

What Grand Ideas! RSS feed

"I am a girl. I am a writer. I do interesting things every other day & you can read about them here."
Beacon Hill

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