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Boston 24

Map of 24-hour restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, supermarkets and pharmacies in the Boston area.
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Boston Atlas

The Boston Redevelopment Authority's Boston Atlas, is a mapping application that includes data from many city agencies, including the Assessing Department and the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, plus information from neighboring towns and the state. Information such as the outlines of planning areas, building outlines, street edges, and property ownership can be turned on and off.
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Boston Brunch

Map and descriptions of restaurants in the Boston area that serve brunch on the weekend.

Boston digital orthophotos

MIT project that lets you find aerial photographs of locations throughout the Boston area.
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Boston Flashmaps

"Looking for a South End Bistro or a Cambridge shop? A downtown nightclub or a Newbury Street gallery? Wherever you want to go, Flashmaps will get you there. First-time visitors or lifelong residents -- anyone can easily navigate Boston and Cambridge with Flashmaps." $9.95.

Boston HyperMap Atlas

"Interactive map of Boston Proper with clickable key for viewing many categories such as colleges, hotels, theaters, churches, the Freedom Trail, scenic views, and history."

Boston Rare Maps

Dealer in early and rare maps, specializing maps of New England and the Northeast.

Boston T Map

Boston business directory sorted by T stops.

Boston weather maps

Most will be of interest only to weather geeks.

Boston's Bikemap

Greater Boston map: recommended roads for cycling, bike paths, bike shops, hills, parks, and more.

Caliper MCAS Test Results Web Mapper

See results of the 2000 MCAS tests by community or by school on color-coded maps.

David Rumsey Map Collection

Eighteen historical maps of the Boston area from 1776 thru 1897 from the David Rumsey Collection are now available for viewing in the GIS Browser. Requires Java.

Digital Atlas of Boston

Use maps to plot out various socioeconomic characteristics of the Boston area, from population density to income and poverty to educational attainment.

Freedom Trail map

National Park Service map that describes the historic sites on the Freedom Trail in downtown Boston and Charlestown.

Historic maps of Boston

Maps from 1775 to 1905. From the Library of Congress.

Historic USGS Maps of New England

An online collection of US Geological Survey topographic maps for all six New England states, from the 1890s to the 1950s.

Interactive Map of Concord

"Learn about area attractions in and around Concord-- such as Walden Pond, the Old North Bridge and the Concord Museum--on this interactive map. Many of these sites are within walking distance of the historic Concord's Colonial Inn, with its celebrated restaurants and charming guest rooms."

Map of Boston Harbor and its fortifications in 1775

Reproduction of a map by a British military engineer showing rebel fortifications. From the Library of Congress.

Map of Boston showing British and American encampments in 1776

From the Library of Congress.

Map of military action in Charlestown on June 17, 1775

From the Library of Congress. Also shows the North End.

Mapping Boston

Book: The history of Boston, as told through its maps. A wicked good coffeetable book.


Type in address (or just Boston) and begin navigating the area. You can also use this to generate directions from your house (in the U.S. or Canada) to Boston.

Maps Over Time

Interactive mapping system that lets you overlay past, present, and future maps so you can see what used to be and what is planned. This link starts you at the tutorial for the Maps Over Time applet.
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Maps over time

Series of maps showing how Back Bay has developed over the years.
Back Bay

Mare del nord

1695 map of the East Coast and eastern Canada.

Massachusetts Coastal Watershed Map

Info on obtaining one of these free state maps, which show major coastal watersheds and activities in them that affect their waters.

MBTA commuter-rail map

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MBTA subway map

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Metro Boston Atlas

Metropolitan Boston & Eastern Massachusetts Atlas. 165 maps (cities & towns)

Metro Boston Eastern Massachusetts Street Atlas

Book: If you're planning on some serious driving around the area, this is the atlas to get for the car.

Old highway maps

1937 map of greater Boston and a 1952 map of downtown Boston.


The MassGIS Online Data Viewer provides aerial photographs and maps of all of Massachusetts. You can overlay the maps and photos with various data sets and overlays. Requires Java.

Rand McNally Boston Map Guide

Book: You'll need maps around here!

Seat of war

1776 map of New England. University of Georgia collection.

South Boston waterfront

Map showing existing and proposed development along Fort Point Channel and on Fan Pier.

Suffolk County, 1895

Large map of the county in 1895.

The Boston Atlas

An advanced mapping site with detailed layers for Boston, including building footprints for all buildings, land parcels, and an integrated assessment database. Also integrated with historic and future maps from

TIGER map of Boston

Not as good as Mapquest for general use, because it doesn't show street names. However, it's a public-domain mapping system, so you can use the maps you generate any way you'd like.


Topographic map of Boston. Several different scales are available. - vintage neighborhood maps

"Online source for authentic antique and archival prints of urban maps. They specialize in the digital restoration and archival printing of neighborhood maps of Boston. New England, and other American cities."

Yahoo map of Boston

Get directions to a specific address.

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