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Revolutionary history

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Adams National Historic Site

See where two U.S. presidents were born, in Quincy.

Battle of Bunker Hill

Essay, timeline, first-person accounts and maps from the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Battle of Concord

Overview of the battle at Old North Bridge.

Battle of Lexington

Boston 1775 RSS feed

"Unabashed gossip about the people and events at the start of the American Revolution in Massachusetts."
Newton Centre

Boston Massacre - Anonymous account

Written by a Boston resident shortly after the 1770 incident.

Boston Massacre - The Revere print

History of the famous engraving by Paul Revere.

Boston Massacre Historical Society

All about the famous riot.

Boston Massacre Trials

Account of the trials that followed the Massacre. John Adams was one of the defense lawyers.

Boston National Historical Site

Includes the Old State House, Faneuil Hall and the Bunker Hill Monument.

Boston Tea Party

Overview of the protest.
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Boston Tea Party

Book: Children's illustrated history.

Boston Tea Party - more details

Listen to and watch a historian discuss the event.

Boston Tea Party eyewitness account

By a participant in the event.
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Boston Tea Party Historical Society

"The complete information and research resource on the historic event known as the Boston Tea Party. Pictures, documents, biographies, academic essays and much more."
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Bostonian Society - Old State House Museum

Boston historical society and museum, in the Old State House.


Complete research resource on the events of the Boston Massacre. Pictures,historic document, even satellite photos of the Boston Massacre site

Col. Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment, Learned's Brigade

Non-profit group that interprets the lives of the soldiers and women of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War.

Crispus Attucks biography

First man to die in the Boston Massacre.

Daniel Leonard biography

Biography of a Massachusetts loyalist.

Dorchester Heights

Part of the Boston National Historical Park.
South Boston

First Foot Guards

Extensive website details the life and times of the Redcoats. Boston reenactors re-create King George's Guards regiment.
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Israel Putnam biography

The commander at Bunker Hill, he told his troops: "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes."

Liberty's Daughters

A look at the role of women in revolutionary Massachusetts.

Minute Man National Historic Park

Where the American Revolution began. Old North Bridge in Concord, the Lexington Green and the line of march the Minutemen took to the battles.
Concord, Lexington, and Lincoln

Old Granary Burying Ground

Several Revolutionary-era figures are buried here.

Old North Church history

The church with the lanterns that set Paul Revere on his ride.

Old South Meetinghouse

"No tax on tea! That was the decision on December 16, 1773, when 5,000 angry colonists gathered at the Old South Meeting House to protest a tax and started a revolution with the Boston Tea Party. Built in 1729, the Old South Meeting House was the largest building in colonial Boston, and provided a stage for the drama of the American Revolution. African American poet Phillis Wheatley and statesman Benjamin Franklin were members of Old South's congregation. As a meeting place and a haven for free speech and assembly, Old South Meeting House has been in continuous use for over 250 years. Today you can visit this National Historic Landmark and experience events that shaped our country through the new multimedia exhibition, Voices of Protest."
Downtown Crossing
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Patriots Day in Concord

Photos from the 2006 re-creation of the Battle of Old North Bridge in Concord. Once again, the Minutemen forced the Redcoats into a hasty retreat.

Paul Revere House

History of the oldest house in Boston and the story of Paul Revere's Midnight Ride.
North End
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Paul Revere's Ride

Book: He started his "midnight ride" closer to 10 p.m., he never made it to Concord and he didn't yell "the British are coming!" (since back then, the colonists still considered themselves British). David Hackett Fischer, a history professor at Brandeis University, tells the real story of Revere's ride.
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Route of the British on April 19, 1775

Map showing the path British soldiers took to and from the battles of Lexington and Concord.

Samuel Adams bio

Biography of the revolutionary leader.

The Concord Fight and a Fearless Isaac Davis

Story of the hero of the Battle of Old North Bridge - who was from Acton.

The Tory Trail

The Tory Trail consists of six museum sites joining together to promote history through the stories of Loyalist families, their neighbors, and their servants.
Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, Weston, Cambridge, Marshfield, & Medford

Thomas Hutchinson

Biography of the last, Loyalist, civilian governor of Massachusetts before the Revolution.

Where was the Boston Tea Party Site?

Uses links to historical Boston maps from 1722 to present to make the case that the actual location of the Boston Tea Party can indeed be found and that it differs from all sites currently proposed. The key to doing so is refrain from looking at "what has changed" and look instead at "what remains unchanged".

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