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A Modell of Christian Charity

Written by John Winthrop while on board the Arbella on the way to Massachusetts.

Anne Hutchinson

Banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for daring to hold religious beliefs at odds with Puritanism.

Battle of Louisbourg

Description of the 1745 battle in New France (now Quebec) for which Louisburg Square on Beacon Hill is named.

Colonial Boston Unearthed

Descriptions of colonial artifacts uncovered during the Big Dig.

Colonial Trader

Assisting Colonial vendors and re-enactors.

Concord Life

"Updated bi-weekly, The Concord Life is a fully-integrated website that goes beyond the travel guides to see the beauty of Concord, Ma and surrounding communities through the eyes of a long-time area resident and her two young daughters. The Concord Life takes a comfortable stroll through a town committed to preservation of natural resources and man-made treasures dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, while serving up a dose of daily life in a place where Main Street thrives and the old and the new co-exist comfortably."

Cotton Mather Home Page

All about the Puritan leader.

Girls on the Mayflower

A look at the 11 girls on the ship.

John Eliot, Missionary to the American Indians

An Anglican minister, Eliot traveled throughout eastern Massachusetts in the mid-1600s, setting up a series of "Praying Indian" communities. He also printed the first Bible in North America - in the Natick Indian language.
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John Winthrop

Biography of the "City on a Hill" guy.

King Philip's War

In 1675, rising tensions between the incoming English and Native Americans led to this war, in which the natives nearly succeeded in driving out the British. In the end, however, Philip was captured and then drawn and quartered, with his head paraded through Plymouth.

Mary and John Clearing House

Information about and for the descendants of settlers who came on the Mary and John in 1630 and founded Dorchester.

Mary Dyer

Quaker hanged by the Puritans.

Mary Dyer: Biography of a Rebel Quaker

Book: Biography of the Quaker woman hanged in Boston in 1660 for her religious beliefs.

Massachusetts Bay Charter

Text of the charter from King Charles I that set up the colony.

Pilgrims and Puritans: What's the difference?

It starts in 1517.

Plimouth Plantation

See how the Pilgrims lived in this recreation of a Pilgrim settlement.

Plymouth: Its History and People

Brief essays on various people, events and documents that made the town famous.

Puritan Boston & Quaker Philadelphia

Book: Historian E. Digby Baltzell compares the leadership of these two colonial cities.

Sex in Middlesex

Book: Popular mores in a Massachusetts county, 1649-1699.

The Pilgrims

An analysis of their history. Includes a copy of the Mayflower Compact.

Triangular Trade

Much of Boston's early prosperity relied on this system, in which slaves in the West Indies made molasses that was shipped to Boston to be fermented into rum to be sold in England to pay to send more slaves to the West Indies. Boston actually remained a large rum producer until Prohibition.

Visit to King's Chapel Cemetery

Boston's oldest cemetery; almost all the city's original settlers are buried there.

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