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11th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

History of 11th Mass. Volunteer Infantry, which served in the Civil War from June 13, 1861 to July 14, 1865, participating in every campaign of the Army of the Potomac except Antietam. Regiment members came from Boston, Charlestown and Dorchester, along with some recruits from Essex County.

20th Massachusetts Regiment, Company D

Reenactment unit dedicated to creating an impression of Civil War soldiers, Sanitary Commission and civilians.

28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Historical research and info for reenactors.

28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Living history organization portraying the "Faugh a Ballagh" 4th Regiment of the fabled Irish Brigade. Reenactment unit has more than 60 members from across New England. Web site includes extensive historical research about the original regiment.

2nd Massachusetts Cavalry, Company A

History of this unit of Californians who came to Massachusetts because they knew they would see action that way.

2nd Massachusetts Volunteer Heavy Artillery, Companies G and H

Roster of this unit, formed at Readville (now part of Boston).

53rd Massachusetts Voluntary Infantry

History, letters and diaries.

54th Massachusetts Infantry

History of the first black regiment in the Civil War, first organized in Readville (now part of Boston).

Annual Rochester, MA, Civil War Reenactment

Hundreds of reenactors gather for a weekend of living history every June. Military encampments, battle reenactments both days, living history demonstrations and scenarios, period dance on Saturday night. An easy drive from Boston. Admission $3. Children under 12 free. Proceeds benefit local charities and historic preservation.

Anthony Burns

An account of Anthony Burns, a Virginia slave who escaped to Boston in 1854, only to be handed back to his master after a trial.

Biography of Charles Sumner

Biography of the anti-slavery, Radical Republican senator from Massachusetts.

Boston African American Historic Site

15 buildings on Beacon Hill related to Boston's 19th-century African-American community.

Boston African-American National Historic Site

History of Boston's 19th-century African-American community on Beacon Hill. See the African Meeting House and walk the Black Heritage Trail.

Boston Volunteers

Non-profit parade and ceremonial unit, which performs an impression of the 11th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Gettysburg (mid-1863) time period. Members include descendants, teachers and patriotic supporters of the United States Army during the Civil War.

Civil War Boston: Home Front and Battlefield

Book: Tells the story of how the city was wrenched by the war, using copious excerpts from letters and diaries of the time.

Essex Base Ball Club

"Base Ball as it was played during the Civil War."

Frederick Douglass, "A Plea for Free Speech in Boston," 1860

Speech given at Boston's Music Hall the week after an anti-slavery meeting had been broken up by a mob of "gentlemen."

Ft. Warren

History of this Boston Harbor fort, used to house Confederate prisoners. Also has essays on the Ghost of the Lady in Black and "John Brown's Body," written on the island.

Ft. Warren history

Civil War prison and site of the ghost of the Lady in Black.

Gallop's Island During the Civil War

History of the island, used mainly as a place to form military units.

Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry, First Regiment

History and roster of this unit, formed at Readville (now part of Boston).

On the Crime Against Kansas

Two days after Sen. Charles Sumner gave this speech, he was beaten senseless with a gutta-percha cane by Rep. Preston Brooks of South Carolina, nephew of a senator Sumner ridiculed in the speech.

Shaw Memorial

History of the memorial to Robert Gould Shaw, leader of the 54th Massachusetts.

The Northern Front

"Boston is so bright a beacon of revolutionary history that it is easy to forget the city played an equally significant role in another civil war. Dara Horn, a Harvard junior, seeks out the moral engine of the Union cause." From American Heritage.

Underground Railroad locations in Boston

Descriptions of three Boston locations.

Union regimental index

Information on all the Union regiments from Massachusetts that served in the Civil War.
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