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20th Century History

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A Decent Place to Live: From Columbia Point to Harbor Point

Excerpts from a history of the housing project in Dorchester.

Big Dig history

Events leading up to its initial funding.

Big Dig, The

Book: The story of the most expensive road project in American history.

Boston Radio Timeline

Key moments in Boston radio history, from 1921 on.

Buses and bitterness

Overview of the 1974 busing crisis by the Boston Globe.

Common Ground: A Turbulent Decade in the Lives of Three American Families

Book: The story of the 1974 busing crisis, as told through three families; one workig-class black, one working-class Irish and one middle-class white and liberal.

Demolition of the West End

An entire neighborhood destroyed in the name of "progress," i.e., the concrete skyscrapers of Charles River Park. Bostonians have never let it happen again.

Great Molasses Flood of 1919

Yes, it really did happen.

History of Scollay Square

A mostly pictoral look at Boston's infamous - but no less historical - Scollay Square

History of the Massachusetts license plate

Every bit as interesting as it sounds.

John F. Kennedy birthplace

See where he was born at this national historic landmark. Closed winters.
83 Beals St.

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum


Kennedy vs. Lodge

Book: "In November 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower won the presidential election by a landslide vote. In Massachusetts, however, a relatively unknown and inexperienced Congressman John F. Kennedy narrowly defeated incumbent Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., to become only the third Democrat in the Commonwealth's history elected to the United States Senate."

Logan Airport

History of the airport.

Martin Lomasney

Biography of "The Mahatma," the famous ward boss of the West End.

Massachusetts residents listed on the Vietnam Memorial

Medieval Boston

Medieval Boston is an online exhibit chronicling changes in downtown Boston from the 1920s through today. Tons of photos and explanations of how things have changed. It's not all depressing - check out the photo of the large "Premium Ham" billboard and building that used to be where Sam Adams now glowers at the tourists in front of Faneuil Hall.

Nichols House Museum

The Nichols House Museum offers a unique glimpse into late 19th and early 20th century domestic life on Boston's historic Beacon Hill. The four-story townhouse was built in 1804 during the early development of Beacon Hill. The original Federal design is attributed to Charles Bulfinch. The interiors are decorated with original furnishings of the Nichols' family. The museum offers an active schedule of lectures, events, and educational programs throughout the year.
Beacon Hill

Nineteen Nineteen

"The Boston Police Strike in the Context of American Labor." Scroll down for the paper.

O'Neill, Tip

Biography of the former Speaker of the House from Cambridge.

Political Waters: The Long, Dirty, Contentious, Incredibly Expensive, but Eventually Triumphant Hist

Sewage management is rarely as compelling and exciting as higher profile environmental issues such as global climate change, preserving endangered species, or protecting tropical rainforests. But it can be, as Eric Jay Dolin shows in this engaging narrative account. Boston' struggle to deal with its sewage is an epic story of failure and success, replete with colorful characters, political, bureaucratic, and legal twists and turns, engineering feats, and massive amounts of money. In the end, success hinged on the often overlooked yet monumentally important act of responsibly disposing of the waste people produce every day.

Rascal King, The

Book: Jack Beatty's biography of James Michael Curley.

Sacco and Vanzetti

Tried and convicted in Dedham, waked in the North End. A special report by the Boston Globe.

The Kennedy Men

Book: The story of the family's rise to power.

Tip O' Neill and the Democratic Century

Book: A biography of the Cambridge-reared former speaker of the House.

Vendome Memorial

Dedicated to the nine firefighters who lost their lives in a fire at the Hotel Vendome in 1972.
Back Bay

Women and the City: Gender, Power, and Space in Boston, 1870-1940

Book: "Sarah Deutsch examines the relationship between the city's evolving structure and the choices and strategies of various groups of women. Her study follows the efforts of working-class, middle-class, and elite matrons as they struggled to shape the city to meet their respective needs. In succeeding, they redefined the moral geography of the city, and broadened Deutsch's own opportunities many decades later."

WPA Life Histories from Massachusetts

More than 130 first-person accounts of life in Massachusetts during the Depression.

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