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Faneuil  new RSS feed

Focuses on the latest news and information concerning Boston's favorite passions; Politics and sports.

Marjorie Arons-Barron  new

Heavy emphasis on politics and public policy, with occasional pieces on culture and the arts.

201k - A Commonwealth Perspective RSS feed

"Political Commentary from Authentic Massachusetts Liberals."

38cliches RSS feed

"Red Sox Radio."

Ace of Spades HQ RSS feed

Winner, 2005 Best Conservative Blog.


I post a column at least once a week - usually on topics relating to politics or media coverage of politics. I've followed both for more than 30 years.

All About BPS RSS feed

"This blog provides information about news and events in the Boston Public Schools, the nation's first public school system, founded in 1647. BPS serves nearly 57,000 pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students in 144 schools. In 2006, the Broad Foundation named BPS the best city school district in the U.S."

AntiVenom RSS feed

"Liberty and Logic."

ASBPE Boston Blog RSS feed

Blog by the Boston chapter of the association for B2B journalists.

At-Large Blog

"If you read Peter Chianca's weekly humor column, you know the world is a strange place. Here's more proof."

Bay State Bombast RSS feed

" 'Bay State Bombast” is part of 'Political Shorts,' a weekly review in jokes. It is aimed at political consultants and junkies, media professionals and mavens, and anyone who loves smart, laugh-out-loud, topical humor."

Beacon Street Journal RSS feed

"The Antidote for Knee-Jerk Liberalism. Beacon Street Journal will offer commentary and perspective on issues from a conservative perspective as an alternative to the stifling Liberal Orthodoxy that reigns supreme in the Bay State. My goal is to deliver intelligent commentary and to have some fun. In addition to the standard blog format, Beacon Street Journal will provide podcast segments (both audio and video) from time to time."

Below Boston RSS feed

"Shining a progressive light on the political landscape from Quincy to Cape Cod."

Beyond Red and Blue

"The new blog from CommonWealth magazine and the Boston-based think tank MassINC. We cover both local and national politics, as well as the ways that Massachusetts differs from the rest of the US, and the ways that cities and towns here differ from each other."
Government Center

Blue Mass. Group RSS feed

"Dedicated to the advancement of progressive, blue-state values in Massachusetts and around the country. We hope that this website will serve as a forum for discussion and debate on politics and policy in Massachusetts and elsewhere, and as a way of mobilizing support for progressive policies and candidates."

Boston Justice RSS feed

"Longtime Boston journalist J.M. Lawrence's blog on federal courts and crime in the region."

Boston Local News RSS feed

"A blog with videos and information on local news in the Boston area."

Boston Radio Blog RSS feed

"Blogging the Boston radio scene."

Bottom Up Change RSS feed

"Inspired by the grassroots energy and innovation of the 2008 Obama campaign, this blog focuses on how individuals and organizations are working to make sure that the change we voted for in November becomes a reality. A primary focus is on how political organizing can combine with social media to create a more democratic government and a better-informed, less partisan political culture."
Jamaica Plain

BunkoSquad RSS feed

"Building yesterday's tomorrow, today. Since 1998."

City Desk Wired RSS feed

"Boston Herald editor keeps clicking on everything that passes, runs, screams past the City Desk."

City of Peabody Forum

"Local blog to hold elected officials accountable."

CivicBoston RSS feed

"A look at Boston politics, community, and public realm by Chris Lovett, of Neighborhood Network News."

College Journalism in Boston RSS feed

"Northeastern student comments on college journalism, students' newspapers, new media and other related topics."

Converstation RSS feed

"WBUR at Web 2.0 and Other Things."

Cosmo Macero Jr.

"News, commentary and other stuff from the Boston Herald's Cosmo Macero Jr."


"Dissecting the Rants of the Blind Followers of Bush."

Daniel in Brookline

"Random thoughts on random topics."

Dave Writes RSS feed

"I connect topics in economic development, community development, and new media technology and identify practical actions readers can take to make a difference in improving our society. I write about my own efforts to become more involved locally, in Westwood, and how I blend family, work, life, politics and community."

Dennis Fox's Weblog RSS feed

"Political and Personal Observations."

Dollars and Jens

"The brothers Jens talk finance, economics, and such-like."

Drinking Liberally Cambridge RSS feed

"Promoting democracy one pint at a time."

Emily Sweeney's Videoblog RSS feed

"Emily Sweeney's videoblog: a behind-the-scenes look at a newspaper reporter in Boston."


"Reports and commentary on the news, science, and creative ends of the media."

Garrett3000 RSS feed

"Coverage and commentary on Massachusetts politics."

HighTalk RSS feed

Conversations with George F. Snell III, former journalist and social media consultant, about the media, public relations and the social Web.

Hub Blog RSS feed

"A blog about Boston and the universe for which it serves as the Hub. The site is written by a Boston journalist."
Beacon Hill

Hub Politics RSS feed

"News and Commentary From the Hub of the Universe."

I Didn't Need to See That! RSS feed

"The true story of one woman, in Boston, realizing that she had to get over her fear of being politically incorrect and free herself from her own hatred by bitching about the current state of things even if it means alienating her neighbors, who may just be illegal aliens, and scaring her friends and family because she is engaging them in talks about money, God, and Politics."

idle thoughts RSS feed

Idle thoughts, mainly political.""

Jens 'n' Frens

"Idle thoughts of the (relatively libertarian) chairman of the Cambridge (MA) Republican City Committee and whomever he invites. Mostly political."

Jon Keller at Large Political Blog RSS feed

"Jon Keller is widely regarded as the top political analyst in New England. He is a viewer-favorite because he is smart, witty, and asks the tough questions. Although 'Keller at Large' primarily tackles politics, Jon also makes social and cultural commentary on news of the day and pop culture."

Jules Crittenden RSS feed

"Jules Crittenden is a Boston Herald city editor and columnist who has reported on politics, crime, science, foreign affairs, and maritime and military matters in the United States, Asia, the Balkans and the Middle East."

Keller at Large Blog RSS feed

WBZ commentator John Keller's daily blog.

Lady Progress RSS feed

"National politics from a Cambridge loving Gen Y'r."
Harvard Square

Lolita Parker, Jr. RSS feed

"1 woman... two eyes... 4 cameras."
West End

Mark Baard's parallelnormal RSS feed

"A blog about technology and conspiracy theories, lab prototypes and experiments, based in Boston."

Marry in Massachusetts RSS feed

"Lawdy, look at the laws! As a colony, Massachusetts was alone in forbidding clergy from performing marriages. A wedding was a civil contract. The governor can let any adult perform a wedding even today. And then, there's the gay-marriage thing..."
Jamaica Plain

mass / transport RSS feed

A blog about transportation in the Commonwealth.
East Boston

Mass Perspectives RSS feed

"Mass Perspectives is a blog for people who enjoy reading, thinking, and talking about politics. The focus of the blog is Massachusetts state politics, but we delve into national politics from time to time. The site is intended to create a community where people from all political viewpoints can discuss and analyze our government."

Mass Revolution Now RSS feed

"News, happenings, and politics of Somerville and Massachusetts from a progress, reality based perspective."
Davis Square

Massachusetts GOP News RSS feed

"Insightful commentary and a valuable resource for Massachusetts Republicans. Includes Town Committees; GOP Representatives and Senators, Republican College Clubs, blogroll and more."

Massachusetts Liberal RSS feed

"A vehicle to rant about the outrages perpetrated on a daily basis by the Armies of the Right to distort, demean and cheapen the quality of life in the United States."


"The citizens of Massachusetts have had enough! End judicial tyranny, same-sex 'marriage', and homosexual activist recuitment of our children in the public schools!"

MassResistance Watch RSS feed

"This blog is akin to KlanWatch. We are watching the Hate groups in Massachusetts, namely the Massresistance 'blog' and While they are the rightest of the right and mainly a fringe group, their hate speech should not go unnoticed."

Matt Margolis RSS feed

"Former college radio talk show host and editorial writer takes his conservative views to the world wide web with his blog."

Mattapan High School RSS feed

"For many years Mattapan,and Boston, have sorely been in need of a new high school. A twenty acre parcel of land has been designated for this but, for lack of political will, no action has been taken to develop this parcel and build this high school. I am currently gathering all the data that I can in an effort to create a comprehensive website on the Mattapan high school issue and those community groups and activists working to build it."

Media Law RSS feed

"A blog about freedom of the press."

Media Mayhem by Emily Sweeney (aka Spikey Em) RSS feed

"Blog on journalism, technology, and media events in Boston."

Media Metamorphosis RSS feed

"Everything we know about media is about to change: how we receive information, who produces it, how we pay for it, even when we get it. This revolution will be televised, blogged, podcasted and communicated in ways we haven’t even thought about yet."

Media Nation

"The press, politics, technology, culture and other passions." Dan Kennedy.

MediaLog RSS feed

Notes and observations on the press and politics by Boston Phoenix writer Adam Reilly. RSS feed

"Music, news, politics, marijuana reform, entertainment."


"Things probably are going to hell, and there's probably nothing we can do about it. But there's no reason not to complain anyway. I'll probably complain most about journalism, politics and American culture -- unlike everyone else, right? I'll try to focus a bit on Boston and Cambridge as well, to justify the portmanteau word ('misanthropy' plus 'city') gracing this page."
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Newburyport Political Blog RSS feed

"Issues and politics in Newburyport. Historic preservation, zoning, planning and development, political activism as well as other issues."
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Number 5 of 6

"Conservative views of the week's events."

O'Malley on the Web! RSS feed

"Boston is known as a city of three great passions: politics, sports, and revenge. This blog seeks to merge all three."
Jamaica Plain

Pax Arcana RSS feed

"Pax Arcana is your source for all things food, science, baseball and zombies. Pax Arcana is a technology journalist based in Somerville, MA - but we are Jersey to the core."

Pelican in Her Piety RSS feed

"I am a public health lawyer working at a public health law research and advocacy institute at Northeastern University School of Law."
Jamaica Plain

Planning Livable Communities RSS feed

Discussions of the New Urbanism and city and suburban planning.

Presidential Briefing RSS feed

"Jessica Van Sack covers national and regional politics for the Boston Herald."
South End

PRSA Boston Blog RSS feed

Blog of the Boston chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

Republican Voices RSS feed

"Prominent Boston based conservative Republican anti-RINO e-zine and periodical newsletter, with a special focus on liberal indoctrination in the public schools. The organization's President, Editor in Chief, and Founder, is 13 year old hostage of the Greater Boston public school 'ideological cloning' system, and conservative activist, Emil Levitin."

Romney is a Fraud

The name sums it up: Daily commentary on the doings of Mitt Romney and his administration.
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Sacred Cods and Holy Mackerals RSS feed

"Following Massachusetts politics is both my hobby and profession. I feel I bring with me a unique perspective as both an idealist and pragmatist, who knows what goes on in the smoke-filled backrooms and why, yet still holds out hope for good government that is responsible to and held accountable by We The People. Hopefully through this blog I can bring you, the reader, some additional information on what really goes on in the marble corridors of the State House. Sorta like a 'spin-free zone,' but without the douche-iness and pomposity. This will also be a 'whackjob-free zone,' so leave your xenobhobia, paranoia, and general hostility towards mankind at the door."

Salem Politics RSS feed

"This site has been created to foster discussion and debate around political issues of importance or relevance in Salem, Massachusetts. In the weeks, months, and (hopefully!) years ahead, you'll come back here to post your thoughts on a local race, read about an important local issue, or - if you're a candidate - to engage in thoughtful conversation with the people of Salem!"

Sam Seidel RSS feed


samaBlog RSS feed

"politics, technology, humor and culture... all from the mind of Rob Sama..."

Samuel J. Scott RSS feed

"Samuel J. Scott is the executive director and publisher of Spare Change News, a non-profit, alternative newspaper in Boston. Prior to joining SCN, he wrote for newspapers including The Boston Globe, The Patriot Ledger and TNT magazine in London. Scott has a B.S. in journalism from Boston University and is currently studying towards his M.B.A. from Suffolk University. He has lived, traveled or studied in Britain, India and Israel, as well as various parts of the United States. This blog will publish essays on topics ranging from politics and religion to media and business, along with some things in-between."

Save Beverly Schools RSS feed

"Beverly Public Schools are faced with a budget shortfall of $2.67 million for FY09. Superintendent Hayes has presented a proposal to address this gap that includes school closings, layoffs, program cuts, and increased class sizes. The purpose of this site is to inform and mobilize parents and other concerned citizens to take an active role in the ongoing budget negotiations, and Save Beverly Schools."

Seth D. Michaels presents the Seth Bulletin

"The People's Republic of Casiotone."

sisu RSS feed

"Politics, Chelsea waterfront, culture, cats and beauty in unexpected places."

Social Strings RSS feed

"Ramblings on new media, social networking, Second Life, real estate, my dog or just anything."

Socialist Alternative Radio RSS feed

"News, reviews, analysis, and interviews from a class-conscious perspective."

Solomonia RSS feed

"I was born, grew-up and live in the Boston area. I'm a long time liberal and son of liberals. A Perenial voter for the Democratic Party. A Reagan-hater and two-time Clinton voter. Somewhere along the line, something happened, however.

SpeakUnited RSS feed

"We work at United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley, but the postings on this blog are our own and do not necessarily represent United Way’s positions, strategies or opinions. We are speaking as engaged individuals who care about the quality of life in our community."

Sports Politics and Revenge RSS feed

"A blog discussing sports, politics, and pop culture with a special focus on those three things in the Boston area. In addition, I will give the occasional personal anecdote or get in depth about an in issue in Watertown."

Squaring the Boston Globe

"Comments on the news, and especially as reported by the NY Times Corporation's AAA Farm Team, a.k.a. The Boston Globe."


Comments on life in Boston.

Tapioca World Tour RSS feed

"Video, photography, poetry, human rights from a lefty blogger in Savin Hill."
Dorchester (Savin Hill)

Tech PR Gems - The Topaz Partners Blog RSS feed

"A conversation about PR, social media and technology, with a special focus on the social media community in Greater Boston."

The Chimes at Midnight

"JohnIAT's hellish Notes to the ongoing crisis of the 21st Century."

The Raconteur RSS feed

"thoughts of media, music, politics, culture, and more."

The Tomorrow Museum RSS feed

"Art, technology, media, ideas, and the Cambridge/Boston lecture scene by Joanne McNeil."

Through the Looking Glass

"A chronicle of the absurd, in politics and life."

Tink Inc. RSS feed

"A blog for Tinker Ready's writing and journalism students at BU and NU."

Toll Talk RSS feed

Turnpike and state government matters.

Truth and Progress RSS feed

"THE destination for lively discussion about Mass politics, pop 'cultcha' and policy fun."


"Occasional Observations re the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board by John L. Welch."

Upton Bell Blog RSS feed

Upton Bell, New England Talk Show Host and Commentator, is the former General Manager of the New England Patriots, Player Personnel Director of the Baltimore Colts and Owner of the Charlotte Hornets (WFL) Charlotte Hornets, with Arnold Palmer in the World Football League. Upton is one of New England's longest tenured broadcasters (31 years). For three consecutive years the Upton Bell Show has been recognized by The Associated Press for for the best Outstanding Talk Show in New England.

WBZ: Bring Back Steve LeVeille RSS feed

"Grass-roots effort to get Steve LeVeille back on the air in Boston. Boston has lost its local voice when the Steve LeVeille Broadcast was replaced by a syndicated show out of St. Louis."

Women Do! RSS feed

"News flash: Women do stuff. They shoot guns, and go bowling, and even tattoo one another. Incredible, but true. Our mission: To keep track of all the amazing things these she-people do, while saving journalism from mortal peril."
Mattapan (Lower Mills)

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