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Caliper MCAS Test Results Web Mapper

See results of the 2000 MCAS tests by community or by school on color-coded maps.

How well would you do?

Three sample questions.


Software that claims it can improve a student's MCAS scores. $16.95 per module (plus 5% sales tax and $1.50 shipping per module).

MCAS 10th-grade English tips

From Needham High School.

MCAS 10th-grade math tips

From New Bedford High School's math department.

MCAS Academy

Non-profit group aimed at boosting MCAS scores. Sells a variety of books aimed at specific tests. Has forums for students, parents and teachers and some sample questions. You may have to hunt around the site for some info.

MCAS headlines

Links to various MCAS documents and overviews from the state Department of Education.

MCAS news

Latest MCAS news and results from the Boston Globe. Has downloadable spreadsheet versions of the results.

MCAS preparation

Tips from a teacher on how to prepare for and take the eighth-grade MCAS.

MCAS Testing as a Graduation Requirement

Mass. Association of School Committees on why it opposes MCAS as the deciding factor in whether a student graduates.

MCAS tips for parents

Basic tips from the Boston school department. Lists phone numbers for seeking additional information.

MCAS: Making the Massachusetts Dropout Crisis Worse

Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education paper on the tests.

Student Coalition for Alternatives to the MCAS

Group opposed to using MCAS as a requirement for graduation.

What if students and parents designed a test for the Board of Education?

Mass. Parents paper opposing the tests.

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