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Athens of America

Why Boston is named that.

Blizzard of '78

The snowstorm by which all others are judged.
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Boston Marathon

The quintessential Boston event.

Boston Skyscraper Page

Local skyscraper news and photos.

Boston Winter Misery Center

OK, OK, so maybe it's rarely as bad here as in, say, Hibbing, Minnesota. That doesn't mean we can't complain about it, right?

Boston's sister cities

Foreign cities with which Boston has a formal, special relationship.

Online guide to fashion and events in Boston.
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Candlepin Bowling

All about our unique form of bowling.

Charlie on the MTA

"I have long enjoyed listening to 'The M.T.A. Song', better known as 'Charlie on the M.T.A'. In recent years, I have learned a great deal about the song and about the M.T.A (now M.B.T.A) itself, and would like to share this information here."

Dark Tide

Shortly after noon on January 15, 1919, a fifty-foot-tall steel tank filled with 2.3 million gallons of molasses collapsed on Boston"s waterfront, disgorging its contents as a fifteen-foot-high wave of molasses that briefly traveled at thirty-five miles per hour. When the tide receded, a section of the city"s North End had been transformed into a war zone. The Great Boston Molasses Flood claimed the lives of twenty-one people and scores of animals, injured 150, and caused widespread destruction.
North End

First Night

Our celebration of the end of the year.

For the Union Dead

Annotated version of the Robert Lowell poem, which has numerous Boston references.

Future Boston

Tracking developments that will change the face of Boston.

Grand Procession 2003

Photos from the annual First Night parade down Boylston Street.
Back Bay

Great Buildings in Boston

Listing of buildings architects say they really like, from Faneuil Hall to the Hancock Building.

Great Cities: Boston

Canadian discusses what makes Boston unique: "My wife taught me an old saying from Canada's maritime provinces: 'you'll die a fool if you've never been to Boston'."


Halfball was a stickball game played with half a pimpleball on the street corner.

How Not to Die in a Boston Winter

Helpful hints.

John Hancock Tower

All about the design flaws that led to the world's tallest plywood building.

Kabotchnik v. Cabot

Saga of how the original "And this is good old Boston" came to be parodied as:
"And this is good old Boston,
The home of the bean and the cod,
Where the Lowells have no one to talk to
Since the Cabots speak Yiddish, by God."

Kramer the Magical Donkey

Online game with that bizarre Ernie Boch car-dealership spokesdonkey - help him avoid space aliens.

L Street Brownies

Photos and narrative from the 2004 New Year's Day swim in Dorchester Bay by this fabled South Boston group.
South Boston

Make Way for Ducklings parade

Photos from this traditional, only-in-Boston event, which wends its way from the Common to the Garden through Beacon Hill - just like in the book.
Beacon Hill

Masshole Proshop - Authentic Masshole Apparel

"The Masshole proshop is your source for authentic Masshole & MassHo apparel. Show off your Massachusetts pride with Masshole tshirts and bumpa stickas."
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noWon-put your ear to the ground

Guide to Boston beneath the surface, observations of anti-progress, and one long road trip


Boston parody of those Budweiser "wassup" commercials.

Public Art

Photos and descriptions of some 20 public murals and sculptures in the Boston area. Requires Flash.

Satellite-abuse lady

She quietly stands across the street from the State House with a "Stop Abusing Humans from Satellites" sign. This is her story.
Beacon Hill

Save the Old Northern Avenue Bridge

Wants to turn the bridge into a pedestrian walkway instead of having it torn down.

Smile Boston Project

Artist gives out free monster art in exchange for a promise to "smile at random people more often."

The Boston Outdoor Chair Faire

In many Boston neighborhoods, it's a rite of winter: When the first flakes start to fall, out come the crates, the garbage cans, the sawhorses and the chairs, chairs, chairs, to protect what some residents insist are "their" spaces on the street. Here's a sampling from Roslindale from December, 2003.

The Canadian Lumber Jerk

Why Bostonians don't trust Canadian truck drivers.

The Last Bostonian

Boston history and culture.

The Last Day We Ate at Buzzy's

A remembrance of the now closed roast-beef place at Charles Circle.
Beacon Hill

The Smoot as a Unit of Length

Why the Harvard Bridge is measured in Smoots.

The Turnpike Prank: Avoiding Tolls On The Massachusetts Turnpike

In which the author has fun with the exact-change lane at the Allston/Cambridge exit: "Experiment #4. This time, instead of throwing in $1.00, I decided to tape two pictures of rap superstar 50 Cent, because that adds up to a dollar."

Wicked Good Guide to Boston English

There's a lot more to the local tongue than dropped Ahs. Read up on our unique vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.

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