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2000 Boston census figures

Basic demographic data from the 2000 census.

AIDS statistics

AIDS/HIV numbers for Boston and other Massachusetts communities.

Basic statistics about Boston

Land area, housing stock, even high and low temps. In PDF.

Boston tax figures

How much the city takes in each year in taxes, plus state aid and related figures, in a Word document. Compiled by the state Dept. of Revenue.

Employment and Wages in Boston

And for the rest of Massachusetts as well.

FDIC Regional Outlook

Overview of the New England economy, with an emphasis on doom-and-gloom events that could affect the stability of local banks.

Heating oil prices

Weekly state survey showing average heating oil prices in the Boston area.

Homicide numbers

Boston compared to other large cities, in 1-2-3 spreadsheet. From the federal Dept. of Justic.

Housing Survey for the Boston Metropolitan Area

Detailed overview of the Boston area's housing stock and market from the U.S. Census Bureau. 1998 data, in PDF (requires Adobe Acrobat).

Massachusetts economic statistics

Variety of statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Massachusetts travel statistics

Various numbers on the impact of tourism on Massachusetts in general and the Boston area specifically.

MassGIS - State GIS office

Massachusetts Geographic Information System, including extensive map and census data.


Wide variety of employment statistics from the state Division of Employment and Training.

Property assessments

Look up the assessed value of any property in the city.

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