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Add a listing to the Consumer page

Boston Better Business Bureau

BBB. Look up complaints against specific companies and file complaints online.

Bottle and can redemption centers

Redemption centers registered with the state.

Hands of Time Concierge

"We are a personal concierge service available to run your errands, do your shopping, plan events, book travel; dinner reservations; doctors appointments, and much more."
Greater Boston

Heating oil prices

Weekly state survey showing average heating oil prices in the Boston area.

HomeStars: Boston Home Improvement Blog RSS feed

"Cool products that make your home just work better. Home improvement tips. Boston gossip. Read what our Boston-area blogger has to say about home improvement and home-related issues ranging from cool chic to prison upholsterers to walkability to sports-yes, sports! Can't have a Boston blog that doesn't mention sports (or coffee, but I digress...)."

Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers

Look up awyers and see if they have ever had any disciplinary action taken against them.

Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation

State agency. File complaints online. Site has information in a variety of business-specific categories.

Registered body shops

Body shops licensed to do insurance work in Massachusetts.

Small Claims Advisory Service

Harvard group that provides information on small claims court.


Network of banks that don't charge each other's customers for ATM use. Find their ATMs here.

Ways to save on homeowners insurance

Guide from the state Division of Insurance.

Ways to save on your auto insurance

Guide from the state Division of Insurance.

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