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A blog by Leslie K. Brown aka miscellany RSS feed

"I enjoy creating my own art ;photography exhibitions' and thinking, reading, and writing about a variety of topics. I am a photocurator and photohistorian at Boston's Photographic Resource Center. I am broadly engaged in all kinds of light-sensitive media and am a habitual link and fact-sender. This blog is an attempt to keep it all in one place."

A Far Cry RSS feed

"Boston's unconducted string orchestra."
Jamaica Plain

Accidental Fiddler RSS feed

Boston through the eyes of a busker.

Adria Arch: Works on Paper and Musings on the Creative Process RSS feed

"An Arlington-based visual artist's online journal."

Aisle Be Seeing You RSS feed

"A blogospheric Guide to the Celebrity Series of Boston, New england's leading presenter of the performing arts."
Boston and Cambridge

And Then I Saw...

Opinions about theater in Boston.

Anti-Gravity Bunny RSS feed

"Independent, experimental, local music blog."

AnV Design RSS feed

"Posts by Boston based interior designer on interior design, architecture, space planning, decorating, home staging, green design, sustainability and everything possibly related."

Ari Davidow's Klezmer Shack RSS feed

Klezmer music news and comments.

artSPACE@16 RSS feed

"Interviews, exhibitions and art collaborative archives."

Attitude - WBUR Online Arts Blog RSS feed

"A blog on the arts in and around Boston and New England by Boston NPR radio station WBUR."

Bard in Boston RSS feed

Shakespeare-related events in the Greater Boston area.

Beacon Broadside RSS feed

"Beacon Broadside is the blog of Beacon Press, a Boston institution for over 150 years. The blog features posts from Beacon authors, staff, and friends of the press, and includes on occasion posts about Boston history."
Beacon Hill

Beantown Bloggery

"Your Guide to Anything and Everything Boston."

Beantown Boogiedown RSS feed

Electronic dance music blog dedicated to local events, dj's, producers, music, and graphic artists based in the Boston and New England area.

Before and After RSS feed

"A community blog focused on the Gardner Museum's new series of evening events, Gardner After Hours. Blog entries are contributed by artists, musicians, and staff, inside and outside of the museum, to give readers interesting and diverse perspectives on After Hours programs, the kinds of things you won't find out just by reading our website.

Behind the Beam RSS feed

"Photos from a Spotlight Operator's Perspective."

Big Fat Blog RSS feed

"Commentary from Big Fat Whale cartoonist Brian McFadden."

Big Screen Boston RSS feed

"Blog accompanying the book Big Screen Boston: From Mystery Street to The Departed and Beyond, by Paul Sherman--the first book about the 250 movies made in and around Greater Boston. [The book is out May 1, 2008.]"
Malden RSS feed

"This blog combines two blogs, A Thousand Furnished Rooms, which has been active since March 2004, and a second blog, Ideas in Technology and Publishing, which I wrote from August 2003 to January 2005."

Book of Sand RSS feed

"An Ongoing Record of Dreams."

Bostodelphia RSS feed

"Bostodelphia is an electic blog, with a running series (er, pissing match) comparing Boston with the City of Brotherly Love."

Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene RSS feed

"The arts and literature in Somerville and more."

Boston Comments RSS feed

"Boston Comments (A play on Boston Commons. Haha?) is a fun spot to check out what's going on in the local pop culture scene, including local Bostonians on TV, Boston movie scenes and other stuff only true Boston folk will understand."

Boston lowbrow RSS feed

Reviewing and promoting Boston theater, art, music, movies, and more.

Boston T Parties RSS feed

"Five young disparate Bostonians, mostly college-aged, one at prep school, one in the workforce, chronicling their extra-curriculars past and future."

Boston's Goodtime Bluegrass Band RSS feed

"If you are looking to hire a local bluegrass band for your event check out this site! This blog is Andy Sicard's listing of cool local music events and information about hiring the Goodtime Stringband."
Lowell, MA


"This site serves as a hub for your official Boston entertainment and culture critics! Tired of being let down by another wack party? Are you sick of wasting your money on another boring event? New to the Boston Area and don't know where to go? Log onto first; we've got the inside scoop on where to go and where to avoid. Everyone promises a good time but we'll make sure you have one."

Bradley's Almanac RSS feed

"An Allston boy's take on life, music, pop-culture, computers, comics, and more. Free mp3s, photos, and lots of links."

Cannon Theatre

A website/blog about The Cannon Theatre, a small black box theatre in Littleton. We do a Fall adult/teen play, a Winter kids/teen play and a Spring kids/teen Musical!

CelebWarship RSS feed

"Taking aim at Hollywood."
Back Bay

Cheap Thrills - Boston RSS feed

"I send out a weekly email of interesting things to do around Boston for $10 or less. The will usually be an abbreviated version with some of my event descriptions as well as some reviews other notes of cheapness."

CheapThrills RSS feed

"I'm a 24-year old social, silly, and spirited city gal livin' the life in Boston's South End. From restaurant openings to clothing boutiques, I love to explore everything that's fabulous about our city."
South End

Closet Deadhead Podcast URL

Interviews and discussions by and for Deadheads.

Creative Journey Cafe RSS feed

"Creative Journey Cafe is a blog created by a Boston area freelance artist named Mark. It is devoted to helping creative people succeed through inspiring articles, links, and interviews with amazing creative people."

Crossroads Trade RSS feed

"News and views from Crossroads Trade, a purveyor of fair-trade ethnic arts in Coolidge Corner."
Coolidge Corner

Dark Party Review RSS feed

"Edgy, witty literate blather about literature, politics, movies and music blown into interviews, essays, parodies, reviews and critical analysis with a healthy dose of fiction and poetry."

Dave Albert RSS feed

"A lot of yapping about music, city life and other stuff."

Dinner and a Movie in Beantown RSS feed

Focusing on the sprightly cliche choice for a first date for the 1990s college kid dinner and a movie.

Diva Taunia's Backstage Pass

"A little window into the mind of self-proclaimed 'Diva' Taunia, Boston-area jazz vocalist and voice teacher."

Doll RSS feed

"Mimi Kirchner's Blog about dolls, doll-making, art and being an artist... also reviews of books, shows, products, and stores that I come across and progress reports on my work..."

Enough Cowbell RSS feed

"Music in, around, and beyond Boston including daily concert/music related activities listings."

From the Journals of Ian Thal RSS feed

"Reflections on art and culture by Somerville (formerly Allston-based and Jamaica Plain-based) poet, mime, puppeteer, actor, clown and performance artist, Ian Thal. Mostly about the various artistic projects with which the author is involved, but sometimes delves into politics and how they relate to the arts. The successor to the imaginatively named Ian Thal's Blog."
Inman Square

From the Top Green Room

A blog that takes you behind the scenes with Boston's very own From the Top, the non-profit organization behind the hit NPR and PBS programs that showcase America's best young classical musicians.

fujit choir RSS feed

The blog and website of fujit, Boston's exciting new chamber choir.

Graham English Official Site RSS feed

"Songwriter, recording artist, and blogging musician.

homefries RSS feed

"Kenneth Sutton exploring cyberspace."
Medford RSS feed

"News and comment on Boston arts and culture."

Ingrid Gerdes Music RSS feed

"Blog to inform fans about Boston singer/songwriter Ingrid Gerdes's recent happenings."

Jalapeno Burns RSS feed

"Freak circumstances placed Jesse right in the middle of Boston's vibrant comedy scene ..."

Jay's Movie Blog

Reviews of new and old movies seen around the Boston area.

Jen Choi and the Life RSS feed

"Cynicism and sass: because she's a poor college student, and because she said so."

Jen Choi and the Life RSS feed

"Between biking Boston, sleep walking, and the occasional dark roast at ECR, Jen Choi gets typing on her dilapidated macbook for none other than you guys: her faithful/bored/curious readers. Every now and then, expect entries ranging from music news to science to general bullshit."

Jenn Ski Studio Blog RSS feed

"Musings and commentary on design topics by graphic designer and artist Jenn Ski."

Jimmy Tingle Backstage

"Behind-the-scenes buzz at Jimmy Tingle's OFF-BROADWAY Theater located in Somerville, near the Davis Square T stop. This blog features videos, interviews, photos and more!"
Somerville RSS feed

"An expansion of what I did at the Globe. The aim: to steer you toward the best of what Boston has to offer in a variety of arts and entertainment areas - and to provide you with a good, snappy read."

Loaded Gun RSS feed

"Boston-based pop culture blog focusing on the controversial voices who fuel the local news, arts, politics, music, LGBT and comedy scenes."

Lone Beader: Adventures in Bead Embroidery RSS feed

"Lone Beader (n) 1. one who creates beadwork without the assistance or company of others. 2. one who prefers solitude while creating beadwork. Extreme Bead Embroidery. Pop Art and Music."

los amigos de durutti RSS feed

los amigos de durutti is a boston-based music and mp3 blog featuring a diverse array of music including underground and alt hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, indie electronica, indie rock and more. los amigos was created in May 2005 by Matthew Durutti, aka DJ durutti, who also contributes "weekly music picks," concert, and album reviews to Bostonist.

On los amigos, DJ durutti posts album reviews and previews, artist interviews (sometimes made available as podcasts), concert reviews of shows in Boston, and features about eclectic music new and old. A full archive of concert photos (creative commons license) is maintained on los amigos and DJ durutti's flickr page.

Love Fashion RSS feed

"A blog about fashion in general, but with a focus on fashion in Boston by a college student living in Boston."

Maria Ciampa loves her day job RSS feed

"Watch Maria work in an office, do comedy, do yoga, and go on auditions. Fascinating, all of it."

Mirror Up To Nature RSS feed

"A Boston Theatre Artist Blogs About The Current State of Theatre Production, Criticism, and Writing in the Boston, The Bay State, and Beyond."

Modern Acoustic RSS feed

"Music-related conversation starters."

Modern Kicks RSS feed

Neil Gaiman RSS feed

"Over twenty years as a professional writer, Neil Gaiman has been one of the top writers in modern comics, and is now a best-selling novelist, whose most recent novel for adults, American Gods, was awarded the Hugo, Nebula, Bram Stoker, SFX and Locus awards, while his children's novel Coraline, has been, like American Gods, an international bestseller and an enormous critical success."

networked_performance RSS feed

"Recent technological and telecommunication developments--the internet's two-way communication model, relatively inexpensive access to computers and networks--have given rise to a powerful and diverse range of creative production, particularly among those not self-defined as artists, resulting in a bleedover between and across disciplines as people explore unconventional uses of tools and technologies. Current activity indicates that trends emergent from computer network based practice are changing the nature of performance." The idea is to use this blog to generate discussion about emergent forms, current practice, histories, interests, issues and ideas - to explore performance within, through, and across computer networks and disciplines.
Jamaica Plain

New England Journal of Aesthetic Research RSS feed

"More New England art news and reviews than anyone else."

Nine Dots Boston RSS feed

Boston arts blog.

Not Silence RSS feed

"Oft times opinion, occasionally poetry, even a song every now and then. Rants, ruminations and the occasional prayer."

notloB Music RSS feed

notloB Music reports and reflects on news affecting the folk and roots music community in the greater Boston area.

On Interior Design RSS feed

"Boston-based interior designer Abbey Koplovitz showcases ongoing projects and shares insider tips on creating a beautiful home. It's interior design for the rest of us!"

One Block From Broadway, 02139 RSS feed

"Adam Brooks and TC Cheever of ImprovBoston, located one block from Broadway in Cambridge, write about the art and process of two guys trying to create a musical or two."
Inman Square

Onward Charles RSS feed

"Boston-based music blog that began with a theme involving a recent New York expat trying to figure out the Boston music scene. Ultimately turned into something much wider in location."
Roxbury (Mission Hill)

PainterGirl: Life as a Decorative Painter RSS feed

"Chronicles decorative painting jobs in the Boston/suburbs, both commercial and residential work. Also gives resources and discusses small business aspects."

Pantaloons: Tykes on Poetry

By Jack Kimball, editor of Faux Press.

Parlez-Moi Blog RSS feed

"Thoughts on writing, art, design, knitting, textiles and life in America's oldest seaport, Gloucester, Massachusetts."

"Regular blog, plus reviews of all kinds of things, from Red Sox games to the Children's Museum, with a focus on Boston-area attractions."

Paul Merklein Draws Great Big Faces RSS feed

"Paul Merklein lives in Cambridge and draws the world, one face at a time."

Pilgrims of Sound RSS feed

A blog in love with Boston music.

Pointless Banter RSS feed

"A look at the underbelly of pop culture and my life."

Poisonous Paragraphs RSS feed

"This is a comprehensive hip hop, film and urban culture blog written entirely by an information junkie/graphomaniac Bostonian ex emcee/film student/graf writer/streetballer called Dart Adams."

Professional Auditionee RSS feed

One girl's odyssey toward that career-making part. Alecia is an actress, singer, voice over artist and sometime shoe model. An accessible and highly creative talent working in a variety of media who's also really nice.

Published Writing by Robert Gillis RSS feed

"Since 1996 I have published a regular Op/Ed column in the Foxboro Reporter. I grew up in Dorchester and many of my columns talk about that."

Repping Beantown to the Fullest RSS feed

"A entertainment blog which reps Beantown to the fullest."

Reusch Sketchbooks RSS feed

"Freelance illustrator, poster artist, mask-maker, and live-in chew toy for my two Boston Terriers, Frankenstein and Mr. Giles. I teach illustration at Massachusetts College of Art, and live in a big spooky house (that came with its own embalming machine in the cobwebby basement!)with my partner in Black Cat Burlesque, Devilicia."
West Newton

Reverend Tim McIntire

Boston comedian chronicles his life.

Salem Theatre Company Blog RSS feed

"Salem Theatre Company is Salem, Mass., community theater group, founded in 2002 and offering year-round plays and events."

Sand T Blog RSS feed

"an art log of a studio in Massachusetts, USA."

Speak Stiltedly and Wear a Yellow Shirt RSS feed

"Cheating on the Kobayashi Maru since 2001."

State Of The Art RSS feed

"South End based artist Jeff Hayes' thoughts about the arts, the creative process, and previews of work in progress and recently completed work."
South End

Stops and Spots RSS feed

Stops & Spots is a video project focusing on music performers at the city's T stops. Each video highlights a different artist at subway stations across Boston and Cambridge.

Susan N's blog

"What's going on in Boston and Brookline, plus sites to read on a dull day at the office."
Brookline, Boston

That Hottness: Boston Lifestyle Blog RSS feed

"That Hottness is a cultural resource for the informed Bostonian, including information on art, music, style and events. We will be the historical record of Boston's renaissance."

The Tomorrow Museum RSS feed

"Art, technology, media, ideas, and the Cambridge/Boston lecture scene by Joanne McNeil."

Things That Val Kappa Wrote RSS feed

"Val Kappa is a stand-up comic and drifter. These are random things she typed."


"TLGUTS is located in Central Square, Lynn, within the LynnArts Inc. building. We are committed to showing art work that is process driven and communicative of human experiences."

Undertow RSS feed

"Currents beneath the surface in the arts, history and politics."
South End

Visions of Cody RSS feed

"Cody shares his ill-informed opinion (and podcast) about everything, but mostly yoga, humor and music."

Visual Issues RSS feed

Well-Rounded Radio RSS feed

"Well-Rounded Radio connects listeners to great music happening outside the mainstream, gives them a behind-the-scenes look at its creation, and lets them sample it within each interview."

Zero Point Access RSS feed

"The opinions of a few Boston college guys on the entertainment world we live in!"

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